Expertly-Crafted Paint Schemes For Your Home Exterior

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Exterior Paint Schemes for Every Type of House.
It's a nerve-wracking experience to choose your exterior paint color. After all, this is a color you have to live with for a good long time.

It helps to choose tried-and-true exterior paint color schemes, rather than coming up with one on the fly. Following is a photo gallery of ideas you can use to paint your home's exterior. Choose which one suits the best for you home remodeling.

White molding, casing, and trim are always a wonderful way to accent your house.

Homey Craftsman.
No, you don't need to have a Craftsman-style house to use this exterior paint scheme. It's a soothing, homey paint design idea that evokes visions of long-ago days of children roller-skating outside and Dads Simonizing their Mercury Coupes. Who says it has to remain in the past, though?

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3 day ago

Thank you for such an informative article! It was very interesting to read about technologies and color schemes you use to paint a house. I hope it’s not the last article concerning home painting. However, it’d be great if you told your readers how you work on custom projects if it’s possible, of course. By the way, every word about the excellence of your color choice and technologies you use is absolutely true, other independent ratings confirm this fact.


1 days ago

I think the technologies and color schemes used by our professionals and their dedication to what they do play the primary role in the success of their end results. And I completely agree with you on this point.


2 day ago

My company has always been your partner, almost since your company establishment. I’m really surprised that you deliver not only perfectly working color solutions but also amazing products for home painting (including equipment). Probably it is the most important thing that diversifies your company from other manufacturers – you always think about your customers first, and not on the possible ways of gaining more profit. It’s impressive!